FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Down below we prepared quite popular frequently asked question (so called FAQ) to help you with the questions already been asked. We desire to please your time on our website and we know that some of you ca’t actually figure out some things. Fortunate for us, these things are quite simple to explain, so down under you might find an answer on the question you might ask us!

1. Might it be safe to use your tools?
Advertising 1. As we mentioned at the place from where you were redirected, using any of the tool prepared and presented on http://googleityoumoron.com/ is totally safe. Nothing bad can happen to you, we made sure protection is on the maximum amount and no one can break them.

2. Is it mean that my computer is completely safe during installing the games?
Ad 2. Yes, our tools will never jeopardize your computer or cause added difficulties. We made sure that installers that can be downloaded from our blog were tested lots of times to be 100% certain that game you’re going to install on your computer is provided from a valid source that may never harm you or your computer.

3. Are there any constraints calling for your tools?
Advertisement 3. There are no restrictions including our tools and as we mentioned previously, you do’t need to worry about any outcomes by using our product. Everything we do is for those who ca’t afford purchasing games. We understand how hard will be to step down from the game we needed to play for a long time.

4. How long does it take to download your product, download the game from your installer and install it on my computer?
Ad. 4 Normally it takes few seconds to download our installer and up to thirty minutes to download game from the Internet, but sometimes server is overloaded and game counts a lot, so it might be extended up to maximum 1 hour. Nonetheless, scenarios like that have a tendency to occur quite infrequently, so there’s nothing you have to be afraid of. Setup itself yet, takes only few minutes, so whole thing is frequently ready after approximately 1 hour. It means it’s faster than anything else as well as it is the safest!

5. What about my multiplayer account? How can I play on pirated game? Although I’m safe, my game acc can be prohibited however….
Ad 5. There’s no chance that sometimes happens. Except proxy servers that are accustomed to keep you safe, we added log cleaner. It usually is used to remove all the info from the logs, so no one understands what IP was used to play in the account. Thanks to that you are believed to use it lawfully with no pirated versions of the game. What is more, we have got anti-prohibition script that prevents your account from being suspended. It was examined several times and we have’t experienced any prohibitions or other disagreeable situations, in order to use multiplayer modes anytime you desire.

6. So it means I do’t have to worry about my security?
Ad 6. Your safety is the most precious to us and we would never let anything bad happen to your or your account.