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Network shot FPS / TPS with elements of survival and RPG. The players are members of one of two competing corporations and military challenge. Compared to most of the popular network shot, the game makes an intriguing occupation- making the entire mass of activities that are diverse and shell, jointly with complete autonomy to move around the city. The whole complement realism (in relation to gameplay and luminaires), the original system of character development and considerable emphasis placed on aspects of survival.


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System Requirements

Escape from Tarkov Minimum Requirements
CPU: dual-core processor 2.4 GHz (Intel Core 2 Duo, i3), 2.6 GHz (AMD Athlon, Phenom II)
OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64 Bit)
Video Card: DX9 compatible graphics card with 1 GB memory
Sound Card: Yes
Free Disk Space: 8 GB

Informations about Escape from Tarkov PC Game

Escape from Tarkov Download on a Windows PC is comprehended in the convention MMO shooter FPS / TPS with components of survival and RPG, in which players take on the members of the two military corporations, vying with each other in the Russian city of the title. He is in charge of creating the game from the St. Petersburg studio Battlestate Games, whose members do not belong to industry beginners, and to his credit, among others, have work with such brands as STALKER, Mass Effect and BioShock.


Political scandal caused the outbreak of open armed conflict between the corporation Terra Group and the Russian authorities – the fight, yet, they can be hired by groups of mercenaries – USEC AND BEAR. The game happens on a number of distinct maps of the Russian city Tarkow (suburbs, downtown, etc.), Cut off from the world by the military of the Russian Federation and the United Nations. Players assert on the side of one of two competition military and corporations are fighting to live in a seemingly deserted, full of various hazards of the metropolis. A significant function in the Escape from Tarkov crack 3dm played by a third playable faction – Scavsi (bandits, civilians), and while having fun on the players waiting an entire group of specific assignments, jobs and puzzles that slowly show further secrets Tarkow.


Although the heart of the game is competition players belonging to two competing teams during the feature races all the fun isn’t restricted just to the constant exchange of fire. Among the many vital characteristics game Escape from Tarkov crack multiplayer is the ability to interact with NPCs that are seasoned and making the entire mass of varied actions. So we can carry out raids, hunting for ways out of a particular map, deal with the performance of the secret mission (Solo or co op), or dedicate themselves to investigate and gather items, which then particular points can be changed with other players.

Special reference in the game deserves an initial character development system, which computes several sorts of encounters determined by the type of activity undertaken by the players and makes the unique capacity of will by our character forgotten. As you progress through the game, we can master more than a hundred different abilities broken up into four major categories: cognitive, physical, combat and practical. In the Escape from Tarkov download game, naturally, there were instead a major chances to enhance and alter weapons.

An essential component of the game is, in addition, the aspect of survival. It turns out that as a formidable adversary as mercenaries corporation that’s competitive is for us the city – along with the states that are common there, and lurking at every measure risks. Commanded by our form so it can perish from enemy bullets, but also due to injury, disease, exhaustion, dehydration and intoxication radioactive materials. This implies that in order to live, we must always look for medicines, water, food and other useful things.

game manners

Creation studios Battlestate Escape from Tarkov download pc is the foundation network game, focused on competition and cooperation in a team up to 5 teams that were not public. The fundamental mode is fiction rallies confined in time, in which 12 people are seeking a way out from the place, fighting among themselves and with opponents controlled by AI and players wcielającymi the bandits. After all the story assignments at our disposal there is the largest region with no time limit, to encourage exploration and interaction with NPCs. For where on small maps, patrons of PvP battles that were fast prepared Stadium manner, players compete with each other to design dueling gladiators in clashes 1 on 1, 2 on 2 or 4 by 4.

Specialized problems

Released on the PC platform Windows game Escape from Tarkov opportunity skidrow differentiated photorealistic graphics, got thanks to modern technology, the three dimensional scan of actual positions (used, among others, also in the creation of Get Even Polish studio The Farm 51). The creators set at the very emphasis on the reality of the Escape from Tarkov crack pc itself, manifested in such parts as faithfully mapped ballistics missiles, a fully procedural effect system, total freedom of movement and interaction with the surroundings, alongside sophisticated choices for customization of weapons and characters.

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